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“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: 

I am here to live out loud.” // Émile Zola


This theater club community is named after Sarah’s Grandparents farm, Pride’s Farm, nestled in the green mountains of Vermont. When it came time to create a name for the dream they’ve nurtured for years, The McGee Family knew that the legacy they wanted to build didn’t start with them. This story began during World War 2- more than 65 years ago- when a handsome American soldier fell in love with a beautiful English woman. Their love story, courage and strength is the bedrock of their family and what better place to build your dreams then on the foundation of your family’s love. That’s why this club’s name is dedicated to Pam and Al - who taught their family to be brave and to serve with gratitude and PRIDE.



A llama was chosen for this logo because of all the animals that have graced the farm- none inspired more curiosity, excitement and work then the silly, handsome and playful llamas.

Board of Directors

Sarah McGee


Kelly McGee


Katherine Frein


Luke McGee

Acting Coach/Director

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