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Spring <Into> Acting Workshop 2017

Pride's Young Artists Presents:
Spring <Into> Acting




How Do We Do It?

PYA spring workshop sessions and rehearsals are expressly created to support “design thinking”, a methodology that supports solution focused thinking to create our preferred future. Our time together is “action oriented” -which means we focus on solutions, not problems.

Performing Arts with PYA is, at its heart, being part of an action oriented team with a problem to solve. We know where we are going, and we respect that how we get there is totally up to us. Here at PYA we believe in the five C’s of a successful learning community: Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity and Compassion. Our workshops and rehearsals will be a classroom-based structure that promotes self-expression, critical thinking, creativity and teamwork. Working with our PYA creative team will aid your young artist in the discovery of their own hidden elements. At PYA we believe in the incredible potential of the individual and have designed an environment for their creative success. In a thriving arts community we know that how far we go totally depends on how we work together. Join us and see how being a “drama llama” can change your life!

Spring <Into> Acting

Join us for a Theater Workshop designed to encourage an inclusive arts education experience for young people ages 8-18.

During our 7 weekend theater intensive our students will focus on the many facets of a stage production while simultaneously preparing for a spring preview performance of our summer production, Disney’s Aladdin, Jr.

Our 3 hour sessions will include a positive performance readiness experience AND host community leaders in the arts to lead break-out workshops on theater skills including: audition expectations and skills, writing for the stage, improv for stronger performances, dance for theater, front of house work, back stage/crew experiences and how to break into Community Theater. This workshop will be broad enough to benefit young artists with LITTLE experience and those in High School who are looking for the NEXT thing that will elevate their performance potential and help them achieve their art dreams.

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Production Dates

Location to be determined.

  • To be announced soon!

Parent Communication

Each week we hope to share a quick newsletter recapping the week and what to look forward to in the coming week.  If you missed any of the newsletters, you can view them below.

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